Tuesday, August 28, 2007


After Saturday's workout, I just let it all go.  Got pizza delivered, had some wine, and played some video games.  More of the same on Sunday.  Yesterday I skipped my workout and made a point to eat extra.  Today I am feeling better, but still wasn't up for lifting yet, so I just walked for awhile, maybe an hour or so.

The walk helped to clear my mind.  I am essentially burnt out on trying to get stronger.  I am going to back way off on the grip stuff, and back off quite a bit on the weights.  This includes dramatically cutting my time spent on the internet doing message boards and blogs, etc.  I'll still read a few blogs and keep mine up to date, but that's about it.

I'll do full body weights twice a week with a little grip stuff at the end.  Otherwise, it looks like some sort of long slow endurance work is going to find its way into my program.  I'm not a fan of the stuff for the long term, but I think a few month cycle of it will be good for me mentally.  Come winter I'll return to the weights with more focus.  The cold weather will make it a good time for a program based in the basement.