Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Update

This weekend was the first full weekend I've had where zero work obligations impeded my time. I started Saturday off with some DDR, had the grip together on Saturday afternoon, then hit a good recovery session Sunday during the day. The grip together went like this for me:

Warm Up with 12k Kettlebell and cleaning the garage
Braced Bending: Fail on 14" x 3/8" HRS
Unbraced Bending: Fail on Grade 5 bolt, isos throughout the range of motion
Pinch Barbell: Singles up through 40lbs on each side of the bar
Blobs: Deadlifts up through 32.5lb blob
2 3/8" Rolling Handle: Singles up to Max
2" V-bar: Singles up to 123lbs

The get together was great. I kept biting off more than I could chew, which was a little frustrating. I am much further off of a Grade 5 bolt than I thought. Paul helped me out by letting my try one at each point in the bend. I'd do my best to fail at moving it, then he'd take it a little further, and I'd try again. My focus for the next month is going to be taking on lifts I know I can handle with the grip stuff. No maxes until the next get together.

Mike and Paul made it over. I was able to get video of two lifts:

Paul Spike Bending:
Mike on the FBBC V-bar:

Outside of the spikes, Paul was also taking down some 5/16" round plated steel. He's doing very well with the bending. I think the red nail will fall for him very soon. He hit 148 on the 2" V-bar, which is just short of the 150 that gets you on the cert list. I thought my bar was 25lbs, but upon weighing it, it actually is 23lbs. He'll get it next time I am sure.

Mike brought over a rolling handle for me that is very well made. He has a talent for putting together the grip stuff. For someone who has not been training the lifts, he did quite well. The first time using a thick v-bar he made a lift that should land him on John's cert list. He kept blowing me away on all the lifts. I'm pretty sure the 35lb blob went up for him. We also got him to bend for the first time. He took down a piece of 3/16" stock and his first timber tie. One of Paul's 60d's was a bit too much today, but I think is attainable for Mike with practice.

It was good to have everyone over. I am looking forward to next month's, on Saturday 9/8.