Thursday, September 20, 2007


I have over estimated my distance traveled on foot.  From here out, I will use the following values:

From Home to:
Trail Entrance - 0.2 mi
Work via Roads - 0.67 mi
Work via Forest - 1.0 mi
Near Mall - 3.75 mi

From Trail Entrance to:
North Map - 1.25 mi
North Trail Head - 1.75 mi
Gas Station - 1.75 mi
Movie Theater - 2.33 mi
Far Mall - 4.75 mi

 - I usually walk to work via roads.  Maybe 2/3 of the time I walk home through the forest.  This means my daily walking is around 1.5 miles a day.

- My warm up and cool down for a run is the distance between my house and the trail entrance, so 0.2 mi either way.

- My current run has been round trip to the North Trail Map, 1.25 mi each way, or 2.5 mi total.  Add in my warm up, and that means each morning I run I am traveling 3 mi before work.  No wonder it has felt easy.

- My next big goal will be to get my distance run up to the North Trail Head, or 3.5 mi total.  That will give me 4 mi total distance on a run day.  My long runs a few years ago were 6-7 miles, so this is still easily reached.

- The distance to the far mall on a bike is essentially nothing.  I really need to do it at least once.