Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Race to Gripmas

This morning I went for a run / walk of about 45 minutes, traveling the same distance as yesterday.  I only ran 50% of the way however, giving my body a bit of a breather.  It was still work.  I followed the run with a brief session of mobility work.  Things felt pretty loose already, and there's no sense in over stretching.

Official yesterday, I will be racing Mike Amos to Gripmas on December 8th.  I am working on dropping weight to improve my relative strength.  He is working on dropping weight to compete in a lower weight class in strongman.  I will hit 180 by Gripmas, he will hit 225. 

Not one to let a friend down, my sights are set on 175, targeting a 1.5lb drop per week.  This ensures even if I hit bumps in the road, I will reach the finish at Gripmas.  I'm counting on Mike to meet me there.

It's on!