Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rough One

The overtime at work is catching up to me.  I had a 55 hour week last week and am on track for more of the same this week.  Add in time to commute, eat, bathe, etc., and it doesn't leave enough for sleeping. 

In any case, I toughed this one out:

KB Squats: 5 x BW, 20k, 16k's, 20k's, 16k's, 20k's
DO Axle Deads: 5 x 95, 163, 163, 163, 168
Overhead Press: 5 x 45, 65, 90, 90, 90
Push Press: 4x115
Renegade Rows: 5/5 x 20k, 24k, 20k, 20k
Side Bridges: 30s / 30s; 20s / 20s;
Standing External Shoulder Rotations: 3 x 10/10 x Black Band
Overhead Sledge Levers: A few with the 6lber, then work my way down to 26" on the 8lber

Overall it was pretty good.  The worst part was between sets when my axle started rolling away and I had to chase it down the driveway.  I guess the garage floor isn't totally level. 

I plan to get more sleep starting Saturday night.  It will be critical to avoid burn out.