Thursday, September 20, 2007

Running on Will Power

I have a difficult time turning my brain off and falling asleep by 10pm when I get home from work at 8pm.  The only thing that really works for me is drinking, but that results in crummy sleep anyway.  So, this morning I was running on about 6 hours of sleep.  Luckily my endurance doesn't seem to be impacted.  I ran my distance, I ran it faster, and it felt easy.  Tomorrow will be a longer run.

The area I am suffering in is my food choices.  My dinner last night was most of a loaf of french bread, a plate of fruit salad, and a giant cookie.  It was all left overs from a meeting early in the day.  When I get tired, I like to eat.  Of course, the massive amount of carbs could be why my run felt easy this morning.  Ah well, only a few days until I can rest and things get back to normal.