Sunday, September 9, 2007

September Grip Together

Saturday was the September meeting of the Chicago Grip Association.  There was a small turn out this month, but we had a good time.  Mike made it out to lift.  We did the following:

Grippers - Nothing of note for me.  Mike hit the #2 righty and was pretty close to the 2.5.

Blobs - Mike brought over a loadable blob made from PVC Caps and an old dumbbell handle that was pretty sweet.  He also managed to get a little air under my 40lb blob.  With a little training on his device, he will lift the 40.  I tied my PR with the 32.5lb blob, but was not close on the 35.

FBBC 2" V-bar - I hit a PR here of 138lbs.  The bar is slowly but surely seasoning.  I like this much better than the 1" V-bar.  I think Mike was close on 173, but I'm not sure if he got it or not.  He tweaked his hand placement a little bit and that seemed to help.  He also pointed out that you can train the last two fingers of the hand with a palm facing the body grip, which I hadn't really tried before.

FBBC DO Axle Deadlift - I either tied or hit a new PR here with 218lbs.  I can't remember if I've lifted that before.  I think Mike got up 253.

FBBC Bomb - We just played around with this a bit.  I did a 60lb lift in accordance with the rules, then we tried lifting it from straight over the top.  I couldn't even get 33lbs to go up that way.  Mike got it up though.  The lift according to the rules really seems like more of a novelty event than a good training tool.

1 3/8" PDA Wrist Roller - I was just showing this to Mike and did 25lbs both directions.  He went all the way up to 75lbs.  I was disappointed with the knurling and hump on the roller when I got it, but didn't know if i was expecting too much for my $120.  After watching Mike use the thing and talking to him about it, I'm more confident that the design flaws are problematic.

Kettlebell Bottoms Up Press - I went up to the 24k bell with each hand here, which ties my PR.  It is also at the limit of my pressing strength.  I need to work on that.  There's a lot of technique involved with these, but Mike still managed to get the 16k and 20k kettlebells up.  I don't think he quite got the 24k, but he was close.  A little practice and it would go up for him, the strength was there.

Right as we were finishing up, Pat and Tom stop by.  I was too tired to lift anymore, but we chatted for about 45 minutes.  Pat's closed an Elite and Tom's bent the FBBC Bastard, so they are definitely into this stuff and great guys to talk to.  More and more I am appreciating grip for the people it puts you in contact with than just the hand strength.

Overall I had a great time.  As always, overall body strength equated to bigger grip lifts.  It's good to get the perspective of other lifters on training as well.  Mike's been there and done that with most of this stuff, so it's interesting to hear what he has to say.  He's been in this long enough to be able to focus on training vs. lifting the most weight possible, which is a great balance for me.  Tom and Pat have both clearly spent a lot of time thinking about the grip training and understanding the finer details.  It was good to hear what they have to say.

I get more out of these once a month meet ups than I do from the entire month spent on the internet reading about lifting.  Training with others really is one of the keys to success.