Sunday, September 2, 2007

Weekend Review

I did make time to lift yesterday, but it did not go as well as I would have liked.  Since I haven't been lifting, I haven't been attending to mobility work.  My joints were feeling out of balance going into the workout.  I then opted to bump up to the heavier weights I picked on Wednesday, even though cumulative stress from all the walking had my legs a little tired.  Sure enough, I got through two cycles of warm ups with my barbell complex, ground through one cycle with my working weights, and decided it was best to quit.

My body wasn't real happy with the way I went into that workout.  I'm not sure why I insisted upon trying to push ahead given the circumstances.  I've done a review of what went wrong, and basically I need a little more structure if I am to lift only twice a week.  So I've defined my workouts:

1. Warm Up
2. KB Squat or Front Squat
3. DO Axle Deadlift or Romanian Deadlift
4. Overhead Press
5. Renegade Row
6. Side Bridges / Shoulder Prehab

I'll also be adding mobility work to the end of my endurance workouts.  The endurance work can be done within minutes of waking, so I'll get that time by walking out there door as soon as possible in the morning.  I know from prior experience it takes me 15 minutes to be ready.

This means my week will look as follows:

M: Endurance + Mobility
Tu: Endurance + Mobility
W: Weights
Th: Endurance + Mobility
F: Endurance + Mobility
Sat: Weights
Sun: Rest

I am going to supplement this by ensuring I eat at least 2000 calories and 100 grams of protein per day.  I don't eat out much anymore, and I stopped buying any real junk from the store.  It's easy to do when I'm just picking stuff from Peapod off the internet.  It's not like I get to eat anything I buy for at least 24 hours anyway.  Now the problem I have is not eating enough because my food is boring. 

Incidentally, last week's decision to eat more resulted in my body weight hitting 193 this morning.  I will not reach 189 next weekend as planned, but I'll be close.  The challenge I am going to have moving forward is maintaining at least some strength as I progress.