Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend Review

Saturday I spent most of the day at work, but I did make time to walk around 4 miles in the forest during lunch.  I took a new path through the trees I'd been tempted by for awhile.  It was pretty good for a grass path.  Not too many bugs.  I'm lucky the forest preserve is so well maintained.

Today (Sunday) I lifted.  It went like this:

Kettlebell Squats: 5 x BW, 20k, 16k's, 20k's, 16k's, 20k's
Romanian Deadlifts: 5 x 95, 135, 185, 185, 185, 185
Bottoms Up KB Press: 3/3 x 12k, 16k, 20k, 20k, 20k, 20k
Chins: 2 (best in several years)
10 Minute Snatch Test: 7 x 5/5 x 24k = 70 reps

I was dragging the whole workout.  By the time my pressing came along, I knew things had to get switched up.  The bottoms up presses were fun, and it feels great to have repped the chins.  The snatch test finally woke me up.  It also almost made me puke.  With practice I think quite a few more reps are attainable for me, but this was a good start.

I am still very tired from the past two weeks.  I made a point to rest this weekend, but catching up takes time.