Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wild Ride

While Friday morning was originally planned for a long run, Thursday afternoon I got a better idea.  I planned with my boss to take a vacation day on Friday, and then decided to clean up my old bike for a ride.  My dad brought it over for me when I moved in 5 months ago, and it has been sitting in the basement since.

Thursday night I brought the bike upstairs and over the course of two hours did the following:

o Adjusted the seat height and tilt
o Oiled the chain and gears
o Removed the toe clips
o Removed the bike bag
o Tuned the brakes

Luckily the tires were already filled with air.  Friday morning at 7:30 I headed out to finally get my public library card.  I was shaky at first, but by 8:30 I'd made it 5 miles to the library and felt enthused.  I got my card, used the internet, picked up a few books on origami, then decided to head out for lunch.

A couple miles later I found myself at Fudruckers pounding down a veggie burger, frings, and a chocolate shake.  Then it was off to Walgreens (hairs scissors, no more $40 hair cuts for me), Game Stop (new video game), and the book store.  After awhile at the book store I still had energy, so I rode the miles to my parents house and spent the afternoon with my mom and her dogs.  I finally convinced her to let me setup my old digital camera for her.

My dad got home about 4 and gave me a ride home with the bike.  I am grateful, because to go from no riding in several years to 15 miles in a single day left my butt sore.  My muscles and conditioning held up quite well, but my sit bones ache.  Bike seats are not designed for comfort.

Overall it was a great day for me.  The weather was beautiful, I accomplished some needed errands, I spent time with my family, and I opened a new level of freedom for myself.  Between the bike and the library I now have a wide range of new (free!) ways to spend my time available.  I am looking forward to seeing what this brings.

Incidentally, when my overtime started, I decided to stop using the internet at home.  Now that it is over, I've stuck with the change and am reaping great rewards from it.  New adventures are resulting on a weekly basis.  I was using the internet instead of living and am glad I've fixed that.