Thursday, October 18, 2007


This evening I finally made time to do some grip work.  Running has cut into the dedicated grip workouts.  My focus was bending.  I did:

Double Underhand - 4 easy timber ties
Reverse Style - 6 medium timber ties, alternating anchor hands

My bending is definitely weak right now, which usually means my overall hand strength is down.  After this I failed to pop a 2.5" or so phone book.  Hopefully some practice gets me back up to par.

I also started looking into travel to Gripmas.  Flights from O'hare to Columbus are pretty cheap, it's just a matter of figuring out the hotel.  Nick mentioned putting together a carpool from Columbus, so I put a PM into him regarding the meet up location.  I am pretty much going to choose where I stay based upon the highest certainty of a ride to and from the contest.  The need to pay for a round trip cab from Columbus to Crooksville would pretty much kill my chances of attending the contest, and having never owned a car, I don't have enough driving experience to be comfortable doing that in a rental car.