Sunday, October 14, 2007

Get Up

Today was scheduled as a strength workout.  I planned to start things off by hitting my next turkish get up goal, 3x5/5x16k.  As can be seen here, I did it:

However, it absolutely tanked me.  By the end of Set 1 I was shaking.  Set 2 was hard but I made it.  Set 3 was all about the will to avoid sets 1 and 2 again on another day.  That was it for my workout.  I went inside and showered.  While waiting to go out I did a few lifts of 80-90lbs on my 2 3/8" rolling handle.

The workout took so much out of me that while riding in the car to lunch I actually started getting dizzy and sick to my stomach.  That passed after I ate, but by 6pm I needed a nap and my head hurt.  I probably pushed too hard to get the goal, but am glad I did it.

Body weight hit 187 on Sunday, and actually hit 186 on Monday morning (I'm posting from the future!).  I did do mobility work and soft tissue work in the evening on Sunday.  I am pushing the limit of my movement reserves with my current training and need to do everything possible to hold myself together.  Progress is definitely present though, I was suprised when comparing the video above to my last turkish get up test:

Taken in 3 month chunks, the small steps add up.