Saturday, October 6, 2007

Little Further

Feeling good this morning with plenty of time, I decided to switch up my run in two ways.

First, I got out the new pair of shoes that has been sitting in my closet and laced them up. My left ankle has started feeling weak as I run. Correspondingly, my right knee has started aching. I was attributing this to my hip imbalance, but thought I'd see what the shoes do for me. After just one run, my ankle and knee feel better. I think the outer part of the left toe box had broken down. That was letting my left foot roll to the side with each step, which I believe caused the problem. I'll see how the next few runs go to be sure.

Second, I went a little further. The biggest secret to increasing the distance you can run is to add it slowly over time. Last run I added 2 blocks, this run I added 3 or 4 more. I didn't push my speed, but just took the time to go further. This will pay off in greater speed over distance long term. The run was kept under an hour, which is my primary limit.

This morning I weighed in at 189, which means I am holding steady for the week. That is all I was shooting for with everyone sick, so I am happy. Weeks like this are why my progress needs to be targeted at a rate of 1.5lbs a week in order to finish the race to Gripmas with Mike. I'll return to normal next week and expect a rebound effect from the higher calorie week that will have me at 187 sometime next weekend.

I also walked 4.5 miles today to go see a movie and eat at Subway.