Saturday, October 6, 2007

Next Program

Last week I started using a day planner each day. It has been working great. I am getting more done and feel very good with what my days are producing. One of the key behavioral modifications that has occurred is making time for a daily period of reading. I have been working through Stuart McGill's back performance book one chapter at a time. Interestingly, the main effect this Phd in back science is having on me is a greater appreciation of Pavel's work.

When I finish my running cycle, I am going to do a cycle using the Rite of Passage program from Enter the Kettlebell. I think it will be a good complement to the level of strength and conditioning I will have at the end of my current cycle. The program will be something like this:

Monday - Light: Press / Chins Ladders, Snatch Round (2-12 minutes)
Tuesday - Variety: Turkish Get Ups, Pistol Practice, Grip
Wednesday - Medium: Press / Chins Ladders, Swing Round (2-12 minutes)
Thursday - Variety: Turkish Get Ups, Pistol Practice, Grip
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Heavy: Press / Chins Ladders, Swing Round (2-12 minutes)
Sunday - Rest

I like this program for several reasons:

1. It addresses my mental need to lift on most days, as well as the fatigue I feel from work by Friday.

2. I feel as though my strength has reached the capacity of my joint mobility / stability reserve. This program allows me to focus on increasing that reserve while working with lighter weights.

3. It addresses my imbalance between Pressing and Pulling. One of the primary goals of the program is to improve pressing. There is not a ton of strength focused pulling.

4. Many of my relative strength goals focus on pistols and chins. This program trains those.

5. I think one of the biggest weaknesses of the programs I design is a lack of focus on active flexibility. The limited number of exercises on each day will give me time to learn about how active flexibility fits in a program.

6. I get time to train grip.

7. Pavel is extremely smart. I think he has managed to present weekly periodization in a way that I can actually follow without getting bored and pushing too hard. I also suspect there are aspects of his program design I do not understand that will enlighten me as I work through the program.

8. I can easily do it inside in the basement if the garage is too cold. Worst case, there is an old dip / chin stand at my parents house I am sure they would let me borrow / have.

9. I don't have to squat but I think it will help my squat. I hate squatting

I am looking forward to this program. The cycle will extend as long as it gives me progress. I suspect the duration will be 1-2 months, but who knows. After that, I am thinking about the program from Practical Programming for deep winter, and then another running cycle for spring.