Saturday, October 13, 2007

Running Day 1

After the last few long runs, my back has felt achy and my shoulders loose.  I attribute this to the fact that in order to run a long distance, I am using a short stride.  My conditioning is not capable of supporting full length strides over a distance of miles.  I guess you'd call what I was doing jogging.

Today I decided to resolve that and let my legs go.  I focused on using full strides and taking the speed that gives me.  My conditioning gassed out at 1.25 miles.  I rested by walking a bit, ran most of the way home, rested again, then finished.  My next goal is to actually be running for the full 2.5 mile short run, then build the distance from there.  This was much easier on the rest of my body, as I am able to keep everything tight and exercise my joints through the full range of motion.

Later this morning I was bored and did some bending.  I took out 3 easy timber ties, 3 medium timber ties, a 7" x 1/4 round zinc plated CRS, and a 7" x 1/4 round CRS.  The easy stuff was double underhand, harder stuff reverse style.  I seem to have forgotten how to do the double overhand style.  Whoops.

This afternoon I took a nap, stretched, and did some soft tissue work.  I had planned to spent the day outside goofing around, but the plans fell through :p  I ended up spending an inordinate amount of time training as a result.