Thursday, October 11, 2007


This evening was scheduled for a strenth workout, but lifting heavy isn't something I was really in the mood for.  Instead I decided to go for my 3x5/5x16k turkish get ups goal.  I got through the first set, was gassed, and the camera had died, so I decided to stop those.  Then I spent around 30 minutes practicing assisted pistols.  I am not strong enough to do them, but over the course of practicing I found a much better solution than the platform I made out of 45lb plates.

It turns out if I wrap my heavy exercise band over the support of my power rack and choke up on, I can use it to do assisted pistols.  Previously this failed for me, but it was because I had been grabbing the ends of the handles.  By varying the distance I choke up and comparing it to the numbered support holes in my rack, I have a measurable way to increase the resistance over time.  I am excited about this.

Later, when taking a bath, I managed to balance in the bottom position of a pistol several times.  I made my wife come see, but she was not impressed.