Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Review

I got up early Saturday morning and over the course of two hours jogged the full 10+ miles around the forest preserve.  This is the furthest I ever ran and more than double my last long run.  Pacing is everything.  My feet blistered, near the end of the run I stopped sweating, and when I got home my whole body was shaking.  I did it though.  This marks the end of my running until Spring.  I had the circumnavigation goal in the back of my head when the running started in September, but I did not expect to reach it so soon.  I resumed running 7 weeks ago and failed to jog even a mile on the first run.

Saturday afternoon I planned out my next cycle, which will start on Sunday, 10/28.  The planning was easy, since it is the Rite of Passage program from Enter the Kettlebell. I'll take one or two unstructured workouts with the weights this week, and then go full bore on Sunday.  Saturday night I went out with some friends and spent the evening walking around stiff legged.  My knees ached so bad I had to take stairs on all 4's.

My weight hit 184 Saturday morning.  Things are on track for Gripmas.

Sunday my morning strength workout was definitely off, but my body felt much better.  Going through my normal mobility work and stretching indicated no permanent damage from the hard headed run, so I was happy.  I spent the day relaxing, and then went out for the ultimate of athletic competitions, league bowling.  My average over three games was 99.67, so I have some work to do.

As of Monday all I have left to show for the run is an open blister on one foot.  I'll hit the weights tonight and plan to do some bending.  The 5 rep chin goal from my relatively strong list is in the near future, but I may take tonight easy since this is a down week.