Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holiday Review

Half day at work on Wednesday. Enjoying the down week, I spent almost my entire workout trying to figure out how to overhead squat.  There is something I am seriously lacking in my form, and I have no idea what it is.  I am hoping someone at Gripmas can set me straight.  I also did a few axle deadlifts, including a failed attempt at 223.

Wednesday evening my wife and I went through the basement, sorting through the impressive pile of items that have accumulated since moving in.  Given how little we shop, I am amazed how much we own.  Much of it was identified for disposal or donation.

Thursday morning I woke up early to continue work on the basement.  For approximately two hours I carted assorted items and boxes from the basement to the garage.  Eventually everything we intend to get rid of was in the garage, and I had achieved my goal for the day of "do something strenuous".  Off weeks are great.  The crazy part is even with all the extra stuff in the garage, the basement still looked too full!

Later that afternoon my parents came by and we went to my aunt's house for thanksgiving.  I actually had a great dinner consisting of a whole grain bread with seeds and fruit, fruit salad, cashews, water, and sparkling juice.  Normally there is very little I can eat at Thanksgiving, but this holiday was much different.  It made me happy.  My uncle got a mini-helicopter which I am very jealous of.

My mom indicated she can take most of the items from the basement to sell at the animal shelter's yearly garage sale.  We'll give one friend a chance to sort through the stuff for her new stuff, then I can get the remainder out of my gym.

Again my goal for Friday was "do something strenuous".  During the morning I finished moving what was left in the basement to one spot for storage.  After some rest, I got around to strapping on my old roller blades, pads, and helmet.  4 years ago I put these in storage, after I wiped when a wheel broke going down a huge hill at full speed.  The resulting scrapes, bruises, and ruined wrist guard were enough to turn me off skating for awhile.  Never very good, the session Friday morning was shaky at best.  A few runs up and down the street were enough for my first time out.  It is fun though. 

Friday afternoon my wife and I went to my parents for lasagna.  It was excellent and I returned home full of energy.  The basement got swept and we talked about my plans to turn it into a game room.  For the first time in my life I have space for a full sized pool table.  The prospect is exciting for me, but I do have reservations about dropping the money.  There are some critical items I intend to sort at work over the next month that should make my decision.

I also tried training my neck briefly.  Nothing fancy, just a plate on the head.  It works pretty well.  I will try to put a neck exercise or two in my workouts on a regular basis. 

So far I am really enjoying the break from working.  I have made a point to read every day and am getting much needed rest.  The total exhaustion that had set in from training so hard is gone.  I was smart to back off and look forward to Sunday's training session.  Also, body weight has been running at 179 all week, so a little unexpected progress there. I had planned for Thanksgiving to push me back over 180, but I guess not.

I have been thinking about bumper plates more.  Early this week I cleaned out the garage and created a great spot for a dish of bumpers.  The idea is gnawing at me, and I am scheming ways to get them on my budget.  I think I can put together a 300lb Olympic weight set to sell on Craigslist.  We'll see what happens.