Monday, November 19, 2007

Two Down

Sunday was scheduled to be my heavy day, but exhaustion has set in.  I find myself sleeping for ten hours and then waking up tired.  That, coupled with a nervous feeling about the heavy workout, made me decide it is time for a back off week.  Instead of the regularly scheduled program, I went for my chin goal of 5 reps.  It felt so good, I knocked off two more sets and got the 3x5 goal as well.  Here's the video:

3x5 Chins

Those chins and a few singles of one arm presses were my entire workout.  Then I went off to the hardware store to look into getting my garage door insulation.  After reviewing the options with my Dad, the best solution is to buy an insulated garage door.  They are about $1200 installed, so I am not prepared to do that right now.  The other options are very temporary fixes by their nature, and it is unlikely they will do much for me.  Instead, I chose the often overlooked but surprisingly effective option of doing nothing.

While at the hardware store, I got the fasteners and top chain for my heavy chains, which arrived Saturday.  I got home, set everything up, and did some front squat singles.  The chains are a lot of fun.  I probably do not need their training effect right now, but man do they look cool and get my energy up to squat.  That is enough to make the investment worthwhile.

Over the weekend I also ordered a Gymboss timer.  That completes everything I can justify purchasing for my gym in the near term.  I've decided to hang on to my money for now and place a hold on any equipment spending until the spring.  I need to focus on putting what I have to work.