Monday, December 10, 2007

Gripmas 2007 Results

This weekend I went to Crooksville, OH and competed at Gripmas 2007. The few days leading up to Gripmas were taken pretty easy. I entered into the contest well rested and under trained. The events went like this:

Grippers in Chokers - Maxed at a #2

Two Handed Pinch - Maxed at 116, failed at 126

Axle Deadlift - Maxed at 209, failed at 220

Medley - Got 4 of 21 lifts: #1 strap hold, easy wide pinch, 77lb 3" Dumbbell (PR), and Anvil by Horn

Reverse Bending - Barely got 7"x1/4" CRS round, failed at 6"

100lb Plate Hold for Time - 23 seconds (16 second PR)

In each of the first 3 events, I got the weight just below my current PR, but missed the weight just over. The medley was balanced very well, keeping me busy the entire 150 seconds, but also challenging the top guys. It really brought down my reverse bending. The plate hold for time was a nice surprise, with a huge PR.

My event attempts strategy was to start one notch below what I expect to be able to hit on any given day, and then increment up in small jumps from there. This worked well. I hit my max in 2 attempts on grippers, pinch, and the axle. I hit it in on my first attempt on the reverse bending. One thing I need to consider now is not taking attempts I will fail in each event. I went all out on axle and pinch attempts I could not hit, and that hurt my overall results.

This is the first contest where I am in second to last place instead of last place, but in fairness, the guy who was placed behind me totally skipped bending. I am sure he could have gotten on the board, which would have put me back in last place. Ah well

After the contest I did the following:

40k Kettlebell - 2 Hand Swings, 1 Hand Swings, Clean each arm, Goblet Squat

130lb Sand Bag - Lift to chest twice

Chin Up on Rings

Partial Chin Up on Eagle Loops

It does not look like much, but the kettlebell and sand bag took a lot out of me. I may end up making a sand bag at some point, it was fun. I definitely have no need for a 40k kettlebell for now. The 36k will be ordered in the next few months. Chris has some of the bumper plates I have been looking at, but the gym was too full for me to try them.

The day after the contest, other than some soreness in my hands and forearms, I feel pretty good. This week of lifting will be relatively unstructured, allowing my body and mind to recuperate. The mental need to recover from max attempts and the stresses of travel is my primary concern. I do plan to hit my Rite of Passage Heavy workout on Sunday with three 5 rung ladders.

Cost wise, this contest worked out much better than Michigan. I spent 74 in cabs, 42 of which I expect to get back due to an error by the cab company. I dropped 25 on the contest fee, 120 on plane tickets, 126 on the hotel, and 40 on food. Total cost was 365, 42 of which I hope to get back, for a total cost of 323. Mike getting me to and from the airport made a huge difference in keeping the expenses down.

I am very glad I went.