Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday Update

The extra time available for vacation has resulted in DDR making a strong comeback as my activity of choice. Thursday and Friday I had solid sessions, working up to a few 7 foot songs by the end of Friday. Between the weight I've dropped and wearing 2 pairs of thick socks, I am now able to play without any foot pain.  The game is a ton of fun and it makes holding back very difficult. I found myself pricing metal pads at $330 this evening, but held back on buying one.

My Saturday training session got pushed back to Sunday, both due to DDR and from staying up far too late on Friday night. I got into a groove updating and did not go to bed until 2 in the morning. Making things worse, I woke up at 6:30am excited to continue. With 12 total hours invested I managed to:

1. Get the website running on my laptop again

2. Capture two database connections that were being left open, which I think will fix the intermittent connection error the website encounters running on my Go Daddy hosting. I think the error is caused by Go Daddy killing my active SQL processes when the maximum number of allowed database connections is exceeded.

3. Update the top nav to allow my blog link at 1024x768 screen resolution, as well as to leave space for a new section.  In the near future I may add tips on planning training or video demonstrations.

4. Greatly improve the site appearance in FireFox, tweaking a range of display issues to make the fonts and left nav function the same as in Internet Explorer. This took quite a bit of patience due to cross browser style sheet rendering variations.

5. Refactor the style sheet and include file structure, significantly reducing the size and complexity of the code

6. Expand the supporting grip section content, including entries on thick bar deadlifts, timed holds, rolling handles, and rolling handle deadlifts.

7. Deploy and test

With three days of vacation remaining, I hope this groove continues. I have very few commitments and some excellent ideas for improving the site. Outside of updating the text content, there are a range of pictures, videos, and technical upgrades I would like to make.

This evening I also went ahead and ordered a 40k kettlebell from Perform Better, for $135 delivered.  While I cannot use it for much right now, I have been thinking about getting one daily since Gripmas.  I want to hit my 1/2 body weight kettlebell goals with this kettlebell and a body weight in the mid to high 160's.  When it arrives I will immediately knock the clean and goblet squat off my list. The others will take some time, but I think they are possible.  This course sits much better with me than my original plan of dropping into the high 150's to hit my goals with a 36k kettlebell.