Wednesday, December 12, 2007


No training yet since the contest, but it seemed time for a blog update:

1. This morning is the first time since last Friday that I feel fully rested.  Travel exhausts me.

2. My hands finally feel good today, but I went into the gym to train and there was no enthusiasm.  I put in one set of 10 on the 45 degree hyperextension and decided to give myself another day off.

3. Thanks to scheduling my grocery delivery a week late, an unexpected Christmas check from my grandpa, and the sale of my pda wrist roller, I have an extra $210 to play with for new toys.  With another $100 available as of Friday's paycheck, I'll be ordering that Olympic weight set this week.  I am waiting on a quote from the vendor to throw a 36k kettlebell in there.

4. The work issues are ironing themselves out even better than I planned.  I am excited at the direction my career is headed.

5. Turns out the cab company is only going to refund the overcharge from the ride to the airport, and not the whole thing.  That bumps my overall contest cost a bit, but it was well worth it.