Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Review

This weekend marks my return to an upper / lower split. On Saturday I did lower body, with a focus on Romanian Deadlifts and Goblet squats, along with a few minor exercises.  Weights were kept light but soreness still set in for Sunday. On Sunday I did upper body, hitting one arm presses, renegade rows, chins, grip, and neck work.

Already I feel as though this plan will work better than the Rite of Passage was.  The weights I am moving are just heavier.  Doing sets of straight one arm presses (opposed to cleans and presses) showed me that my pressing strength is down quite a bit, inspite of the focus on pressing.  My body weight pegged the scale at 175 on Sunday, so I am hoping the heavier work will also stimulate my appetite.  I do not want to drop more than a pound per week these days.

I will need to figure something out for keeping my knees warm in the winter weather.  Saturday morning's training session left my knees a little achey, which I attribute to not staying warm. I am thinking long underwear or neoprene knees sleeves will do the job.  Maybe I can just take short rest periods.

On a non-training related note, tomorrow evening I will be getting a pool table. I am very excited.  The Olympic weight set guys never got back to me and a good deal came around on a used Gold Crown III table. I have definitely blown through my wish list fund and then some, but it will be worth it. Depending how my employment situation plays out, I may still end up getting the weight set in the near future.