Friday, January 4, 2008

Activity and Updates

Last night I played DDR for a little over an hour, mostly 5 and 6 foot songs.  If my enthusiasim keeps up and my finances align, I'll order a metal DDR pad next Friday. The game is awesome.

On the front, I added a custom error page to display if the site fails:

Eventually I'll get that moved over to a web form that lets the user email me the error. I think the intermittent failure I fixed last week was cutting my traffic quite a bit. I will take future errors much more seriously and think automated notification of errors will help.

I have also enabled output caching, so the pages are only generated off the sql database once a week. I still need to add sql invalidation to the caching, so that the pages will be updated immediately when I change content. I need to finish the chapter on caching in my .NET 2.0 book first though

The reason I enable caching was because I notice a lag in the load time of the main content section on the page. This was not improved. I think IE is waiting to download the images or something like that. I'll have to investigate it further and see how I can optimize the page's HTML structure, maybe even quantify the loading performance for better analysis.