Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just in Time

Due to my problems with the cold, I have taken to making every lifting session count. The high risk of a missed work out resulting from sub zero temperatures makes light days a luxury I cannot afford. This session was a reflection of that need, coupled with my limited recovery from the session on Sunday. I did:

Warm Up
Two Hand Swings
Kettlebell Snatches

Back Squats and Front Squats
Power Cleans
One Arm Kettlebell Presses and Push Presses
Bodyweight Step Ups to Bench


Overall it was a fine session. I went up to ~65k on the power cleans, which is approaching my old PR. The new barbell makes this exercise much smoother and adds to the weights I can handle. On the deadlifts I worked up to 2 singles with 110k. My 15k bumper plates finally arrived and I wanted to lift them all. I enjoy how much quieter the bumper plates make deadlifts. It makes me wish I'd also ordered the 25k plates.

Random workouts whenever the weather accommodates will form the crux of my training until winter is over. My primary goal is to avoid losing any strength while dropping to a body weight of 165.  Adding some strength would be a nice bonus. I think it will happen.

I need more stall mats.