Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Make it Routine

I made a point to get into the gym this morning.  Enthusiasm was lacking, but I did it anyway. The workout went like this:

90 seconds rest between sets:

Goblet Squats - 5 x BW, 16k, 24k, 32k
Kettlebell Squats - 5 x 16k's, 16k's, 16k's, 16k's
Romanian Deadlifts - 5 x 135, 165, 165, 165
Turkish Get Ups - 1/1 x 16k, 20k, 20k, 20k
Renegade Rows - 5/5 x 16k, 20k, 20k, 20k
One Arm Press - 5/5 x 16k; 4x20k, 3x20k, 3x20k
Axle Chins - 1,1

The sets and reps were very similar to Sunday's workout. My program is emerging as a heavy, medium light split. I will do the routine above as my light workout on Mondays, repeat Sunday's workout on Thursdays, and try to add weight on Sundays. I think three days a week is the minimum consistency I need to make gains.

As alluded in my prior post, Gripfaq.com updates have to stop for awhile. Thinking about training so much interferes with my training. The past month has seen my weight training totally stagnate. I'd prefer to make progress. I am planning to follow through with my current program to the end of next month.  

I will complete the routine above on March 2nd with the 24k's at a body weight of 165.