Friday, January 11, 2008

Perform Better Functional Training Summit

I have officially signed up for the Perform Better Functional Training Summit in April. From 4/18 through 4/20 I will be staying at a hotel in Chicago (Chinatown specifically) and going to McCormick place to learn from guys like Anthony DiLuglio, Mike Boyle, Alwyn Cosgrove, Carlos Santana, and Gray Cook.

Outside of providing the motivation to train hard for the next few months, this should be a great learning experience. I think I earn CEC's for my ACSM HFI cert as well.  Total cost should be $700 with food and cabs.  Not too bad for a long weekend doing what I enjoy and my first trip to Chinatown.

Due to the conference registration, I am going to wait until payday on Tuesday to make a final decision on the metal DDR pad. No need to rush spending money. I am pretty sure affording the pad isn't a problem, but I'd like to be certain.

Body weight was 175 this morning. I may test for the 1/2 BW kettlebell clean and goblet squat goals on Sunday.