Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Severe DOMS

It turns out a few hard sets of calf raises after 2 years of no direct calf work is enough to take me out of commission. I could feel this coming on yesterday and spent an hour doing mobility work in the early evening.  This morning I followed up with a hot bath. It was all too little too late. My calves are severely sore, standing is an exercise in pain management, dropping into a full squat is just about impossible.

Regardless, I tried doing the light workout today. I left the office a little early, put on my workout clothes, went into the garage, and did a warm up set of body weight quarter squats. Then I struggled with snatching the 16k kettlebell. It just wasn't happening today.

I should know better. This degree of soreness is counter-productive. Hopefully I am healed enough that I can train Thursday morning.