Saturday, January 12, 2008

Test Day

The vast majority of my Saturday was spent in the basement, shooting pool and experimentally installing Linux on my desktop computer from college. It now dual boots Windows XP and SUSE Linux. I am impressed enough that I plan to put a new, large hard drive into the desktop and start using it as a primary home machine. The range of available software and the freedom from IP restrictions really appeals to me. The fact that I can also revitalize a 9 year old computer with no chance of running Vista makes it a clear win.

In between my playing around, I ducked into the garage to knock a few goals off of my relatively strong list. Weighing in at 176 means my new 40k kettlebell was qualifies for the 1/2 body weight kettlebell goals. After a quick warm up, I was able to hit two of them:

Clean -
Goblet Squat -

The push press and snatch are a long ways off. Following the goal lifts, I made an attempt on my #2 gripper and just barely missed it. While processing my videos, I noticed that my knees shift around in the bottom of the goblet squat.  After reviewing how I should be squatting in Starting Strength, I think my knees hurt because my stance has become too narrow.

I also finally got a picture of my Gripmas trophy to knock that goal off the list. It is here:

Gripmas Results -