Friday, January 25, 2008

Trouble with the Cold

Thursday morning I went into the garage to lift, but it was just too cold. I read instead.

Thursday evening at work I was excited to go home and train. By the time I walked home, I was too cold. I went into the garage to lift, but couldn't make myself do it. Instead I wrestled with figuring out a good way to carry my stall mat into the basement. Short of dragging it, I couldn't find an answer. Then I carried my kettlebells to the basement and called it a night.

Friday morning I went in the basement to use the kettlebells, but again, the drive wasn't there. I installed the second hard drive in my Linux box instead. I know I hate training in a basement. That is why my weights are in the garage in the first place.

I need to train in the garage, but when it is below 10 degrees outside, I am not doing it. My knees hurt, I feel stiff, and the metal makes my hands go numb. The best answer I have right now is to skip my workout when it is too cold. That is lame and I don't like the excuse. I am not sure what else to do though. I did not expect prolonged periods of single digit temperatures.

On the bright side, Sunday should be 35 and my new barbell came yesterday. I am looking forward to the workout.