Friday, February 8, 2008

Glad I Bought Boots

Thursday I resolved to walk to the theater and see a movie. We have about 8 inches of snow on the ground, but I have boots and unlimited free time. I walk to Subway, get some lunch, and then hit the theater. After going 1.75 miles through the snow, I find out those blood suckers want $7.75 for a matinĂ©e. I inform them "that's too much, I'll go elsewhere" and leave. Now, I have nowhere to go, but I am not paying $8 to see a random movie at noon on a weekday morning.

So, I decide to walk to the mall. The mall is far away (like 4 more miles), but I figure I am already closer than I would be if I was still at home.  Also, with the $8 I saved on a movie, I can spend the whole day at the book store having fancy Starbucks drinks and reading.  Two exhausting hours later, I arrive at Barnes and Noble. I have some hot chocolate, an iced tea, and catch up on a few magazines.

After I get done relaxing, I decide to finally purchase a new fleece. Mine fit 75lbs ago and is just ridiculous now. I go to MC Sports, Khols, the Gap, and Old Navy. In the course of 4 stores, I can only find a single fleece that fits - a green camo patterned zip up that is size "Youth 18/20".  What the heck?! When did 170lbs at 5' 7" become "Youth" sized???

Throughly dejected by my failed shopping, I went out to dinner for some Indian food and caught a cab home. I had not planned to eat out, but it is going to be a long time before I go to that mall again. Shopping makes me insane.