Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 3 of 32

Stretched last night. Body weight 169.7 this morning. Sleep was lacking and real hunger has started.

This morning's workout was a bit off, but I did not tank out at the end like normal. Upon waking I ate a yogurt. My nutrition course suggests 30-50g of carbs along with 5-10g of protein an hour before a workout makes a big difference. It seemed to.

I always dismissed this recommendation as supplement company hype, but the course gave reasons and the continuing education provider doesn't sell supplements. While placebo effect can't be dismissed, I think my prior assumption was wrong.

Anyway, the session went like this:

Warm Up: 5 minutes exercise bike, 12/12 Swings x 12k, 16k
One Arm Press: 12/12x12k Bottoms Up, 10/10x16k, 9/9x16k, 8/8x16k
Kettlebell Snatches: 12/12 x 16k, 20k; 8/8x24k
Kettlebell Push Ups: 8, 8, 6, 4
One Arm Rows: 12/12 x 16k, 16k, 16k
Squats: 8 x 20k, 40k, 40k, 40k
16k Kettlebells Farmers Walk out, Rack Walk back
Cool Down: Around 5 minutes exercise bike

I'd hoped to do bottoms up presses today, but they do not seem practical for high reps. The kettlebell snatches were limited entirely by conditioning. I am getting better at using my hips to move the weight and twisting my hand properly at the bottom to protect my skin.

I started to get a little too aggressive on the kettlebell push ups, and my shoulder let me know. I think I'll be ok for Friday's session, but I need to be careful with this exercise.

One arm rows were tiring, probably due to the work before. Squats surprised me. I expected my reps with 40k to be realy easy. I have some severe soreness in my hamstrings and glutes, but assumed it was from the high rep Romanian deadlifts on Monday. Nope. It is from the low bar squats on Monday. I went high bar and worked around it.

I planned for 10 minutes on the exercise bike as part of my cool down, but the darn thing started squealing like I was trying to kill it. I couldn't stand the noise and hopped off to try and fix it. I have narrowed the problem down to the RPM counter, which means I am going to have to take half the bike apart to make the noise go away. I didn't feel like getting more tools out, so it waits for another day.

I am hungry and want to go out to eat, but this approach is definitely working.