Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 4 of 32

Yesterday I ate 1975 calories and 103 grams of protein. Today's workout was an hour of DDR.

Tomorrow I will be going to yoga class with my Mom. If time allows, I will lift at her gym.

After quite a bit of painful CSS tweaking, finally prints in IE6, IE7, Firefox, and Opera. This afternoon I had to break down and use my first browser specific hack, a conditional comment to make IE printing work.

Two problems do remain that are a product of my dynamic layout:

1. In Firefox and Opera, images which hit page breaks are truncated.
2. Browsers ignore the page-break-inside CSS directive, making clean page breaks unrealistic

If I wanted to spend a lot of time tweaking my website with static positioning to solve problem #2, problem #1 would go away. I do not think that is practical, however. I'd say my goal of making the website print cleanly is complete.