Friday, March 21, 2008

Day 5 of 32

Yesterday I ate 2050 calories and 108 grams of protein. Today I went to LA Fitness for lifting and yoga.

After a warm up on the concept II rower, lifting went fairly well. It appears I can now do incline dumbbell presses with no shoulder irritation. I went up to two sets with the 50's. Then I did the hammer mid row, overhead dumbbell presses, a lifeline low row, and some front squats. I skipped any lower body pulling due to my hamstring soreness.

Yoga was much more challenging than my prior session. The instructor focused on a lot of upper body strength and stability work, along with a fair bit of balance stuff. I am ok at the upper body stuff, balance is hard on me. We were spared any direct ab work, but I would have chosen it in a second over the last few sets of warrior poses. As could be expected, we also did a lot of stretching and mobility work.

In the afternoon my 36k Dragon Door kettlebell came. It weighs in at 80.2lbs.  Since this is what will become my half body weight kettlebell, I paid a $60 premium to get Dragon Door brand over Perform Better brand. Comparing the two brands in my garage, it appears I paid extra for the logo and a glossy finish. Darn

After a brief warm up, I cleaned it, but could not push press it. Given the current state of my hamstrings, I left snatch attempts for another day. I think this is a good goal weight for me.