Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 6 of 32

Yesterday I ate 2000 calories and 61 grams of protein. Eating lunch out cost me protein.

Today I played around an hour of DDR. My food broke down to 2160 calories and 99 grams of protein. Again, eating lunch out was going to cost me one of the two nutrient goals. This time I let the calories bump up.

Realistically, if I was not preparing for the fitness conference, I would have lunched at Olive Garden. That would have added at least 2000 calories to the day's total, so I consider this forward progress.

Body weight has not changed much, but my waist is taping about 1/2" smaller. Eating carbs pre and post workout should result in higher glycogen stores, so that could account for the minimal weight impact thus far.

Sunday is a rest day. Monday I lift and will drink Gatorade during the session.