Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 8 of 32

Yesterday I ate 2020 calories and 91 grams of protein. This morning body weight was 166.7.

My food yesterday was really lame, and I attribute much of the unusually low body weight to that. I had nuts and an apple for breakfast at 6am, a 1250 calorie lunch at TGI Friday's at 1pm, and then a protein shake for dinner at 6pm. I could feel myself getting dizzy from lack of food (carbs?) by the time lunch rolled around. Eating out is really hard to balance with a limited calorie diet.

This morning marks my first attempt at full application of knowledge from my nutrition course. An hour before the workout I had a yogurt, during the workout I drank 20 ounces of Gatorade, and post workout I had a protein shake. My staying power during the session was very good, but Gatorade is too sweet and made my stomach queasy. That stretched my exercise time by 30 minutes. I'll dilute the drink down to 2 cups Gatorade and 1 cup of water next time.

The session went as follows:

Warm Up: 7 minutes exercise bike, 12/12 Swings x 12k, 16k
One Arm Press: 16k x 12/12, 10/10, 8/8
Romanian Deadlifts: 12 x 20k, 50k; 10 x 70k, 70k, 70k
Kettlebell Push Ups: 10 x BW, BW; 3 x BW with wide grip (felt bad)
One Arm Row: 12/12 x 16k, 8/8 x 20k, 20k
High Bar Squat: 12 x 20k, 10 x 40k, 40k, 40k
Pinch Barbell: 5 x Empty, 20lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs, 45lbs
16k's Rack Walk out, Farmer's walk back
Cool Down: 7 minutes exercise bike

Before the workout, I disconnected the RPM monitor on the exercise bike. That resolved most of the squealing. There is one tension setting that makes the brake pads squeal, but I can work around that for warm ups and cool downs. Long cardio sessions on the bike are not realistic.

My left shoulder has been hurting on the one arm presses and narrow push ups. I am not sure why, but I think it may be related to the excessive soreness in my hamstrings last week, as well as my excursion into horizontal pressing. I will pay attention to mobility work today and tomorrow. Hopefully things are good by Wednesday.

Squats are really hard for me. Even 40k challenges my entire system. I know working my weak points is important, so I will stick with them.

I am slowly adding weight to the pinch barbell and will try using it in the wide position next workout. With reps of 5 per set, doing the exercise identically every workout does not leave my hands happy. Perhaps variation will help.

The weighted walks are a little further each time. They are challenging, but it is hard to get very excited about extra distance carrying only 70lbs. I may up the weight to the 20k kettlebells in another workout or two.

Overall my progress is good. Strictly controlling calories is unpleasant, but it works short term.