Friday, April 18, 2008


Yesterday I ate 2550 calories and 95 grams of protein. A fever limited my desire to eat high protein foods.

Today my fever has broken and I will attend the fitness conference. My voice sounds horrible, but I feel pretty good and am probably at 75%. I may skip the 6pm social to go back to the hotel and get to bed early. I am also taking a cab straight to the convention center instead of dealing with trains and such.

Overall this cycle paid off. I dropped 8lbs to 161, and a little over an inch off my waist. 155 is the lowest I am going to let my weight get, so at 161 I am only 6lbs off of that. I will most likely continue with eating 2500 calories a day for awhile, up to the Michigan grip contest. Once I touch 155, I'll try upping my calories to 3000. I think I can hold weight and get stronger at that intake level.