Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day 17 of 32

Yesterday I ate 1970 calories and 94 grams of protein. Body weight this morning was 165lbs.

This morning upon waking my body felt drained. The temperature was 30 degrees with a projected daily high of 50, so I opted to push my training session to the afternoon.

By 2pm I was ready to go lift, but my body still felt tired. I decided to make the session an easy one:

Warm Up - Exercise Bike
One Handed Deadlift - Singles up to 1/1x165lbs
Push Ups - 25
Kettlebell Snatches - 5/5 x 16k, 20k, 24k, 24k, 24k
Pinch Barbell (Wide) - 5 x Empty, 20lbs, 20lbs, 20lbs
Work Front of Shin

The one handed deadlift meets a goal on my relatively strong list, as do the push ups. It turns out the push ups on the kettlebells are harder than normal push ups, go figure. Snatches were done to watch my form on video. The skin tear from Friday ruled out heavy or high rep snatches.

Adding weight on the pinch barbell in the wide position was not taxing, but it is painful in the tendons in my thumbs. I think that is partially due to the barbell pushing into them. Taking a narrow grip and grasping the barbell with my thumb tip instead of the whole thumb seems to help.

Overall the workout was not very taxing, but I am happy to have met two goals. I was hoping the trap bar I ordered would arrive today, but Fed Ex seems to have other ideas. Friday's session should be a good one.

Videos are Here:

One Handed Deadlift -
Push Ups -
Snatch Set 16k -
Snatch Set 20k -
Snatch Set 24k 1 -
Snatch Set 24k 2 -
Snatch Set 24k 3 -
Hands After Snatching -

The facial hair is on probation. My snatch form needs help.