Friday, April 25, 2008

Michigan Grip Champs 6 - Training Plan

There are 8 weeks until Michigan Grip Champs 6, starting this Saturday. This is how I will prepare.

Training Plan
Full body workouts 3 times per week, with a specialization on pinch strength. Each of the 23 scheduled sessions will consist of one exercise from each of the following groups:

1. Squat / Lunge - Back Squat, Front Squat, Split Squat, Lunge, Pistol Practice

2. Lower Body Pull - Deadlift, Romanian Deadlift, Kettlebell Snatch, Kettlebell Swing

3. Upper Body Pull - Renegade Row, Barbell Clean, One Arm Row

4. Upper Body Push - One Arm Press, Kettlebell Push Up, T Push Up, Barbell Push Press

5. Pinch Barbell - Narrow or Wide

6. Grip Exercise 2 - Grippers Monday, Levering Wednesday, 2" Vertical Bar Friday

7. Conditioning - Weighted Walks, Turkish Get Up, Side Bridge Series, Lunge Matrix, Juggling

The first 4 weeks my grip work will focus on sets of 5, the last 3.5 weeks it will focus on sets of 3. My other exercises will focus on sets of 5, with special attention paid to developing lower body stability and knocking goals off my relatively strong list.

My primary training goal is to lift the Euro pinch device at the grip contest, which represents a 10lb pinch PR. I expect to tie my prior PRs on no-set grippers (HG200) and levering (8lbs). The next step up on grippers is the HG250, which is close to a #2 and out of reach. I may be able to exceed an 8lb lever. On 2" V-bar I'll chase 150lbs.

Training Milestones
1. Saturday, 5/24 - Test day at the end of Week 4
2. Monday, 6/16 - Last grip training session (workout 22)
3. Wednesday, 6/18 - Last training session (workout 23)
4. Saturday, 6/21 - Grip Contest

Non-Training Factors
My training commitments outside of they gym will be intentionally limited. I am going to eat 2500 calories with 110 grams of protein per day, Monday through Saturday. Sunday is an off day. I expect to bring my bodyweight down to 155lbs. Cardio will be random and consist of walks, bike rides, DDR, and possibly some running.

My primary goal outside of the gym is to leave as much time as possible for initiating my job search. I have a good understanding of the work I am looking for (technical project management, hire me now). I have two milestones planned:

1. Saturday 5/24 - Career search strategy and documentation ready for review with network.
2. Friday, 6/20 - Search advice from network incorporated, actively scheduling interviews.

Following the Contest
Over the next 8 weeks I will watch for my next training goal. The obvious one is October's grip contest in southern IL. However, late June is a great time to start some serious running. Summer mornings in the forest preserve are pleasant, and running focuses my entire day. The state of my job search will strongly impact the next goal.