Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MGC6 - 08 of 23

I missed Monday's session due to poor recovery. In general, my focus on sleeping and eating well over the last week has been lacking. I need to fix it and have started acting on the problem.

In the meantime, I did hit today's session, albeit with reduced volume:

Kettlebell Snatches: 5/5 x 16k, 20k, 24k, 28k, 28k
Front Squats: 5 x 45, 45, 65, 85, 105, 105lbs
Overhead Press: 5 x 65lbs; 4 x 85, 85lbs; 3 x85lbs
Overhead Levers (8lb sledge): 5/5 x 12", 15", 18", 18"
Static Front Levers (6lb sledge): 10s x 12", 15", 15", 15"
Block Weight Deadlifts: 5/5 x 25, 27.5, 30, 30lbs

Not my best training session, but at least I got something in. Hopefully I am much better rested and fed on Saturday. Body weight was 161 this morning, so my weight is trending down. A diet of frosted mini wheats and frozen pizzas does that, I suppose.

I had a very pleasant job interview yesterday. It is possible I may have overcomplicated the search process. We'll see if I am called back for a second interview.