Monday, May 19, 2008

MGC6 - 10 of 23

The light blocking curtains are spectacular. I went to bed at 8pm last night and slept until 6:30am this morning. That is the most rest I have gotten in weeks. My motivation and energy are through the roof.

Unfortunately, the town home association did a lawn spray this morning that really stunk. I decided it is best to breathe as little of the fumes as possible.  I adjusted my workout to compensate:

Warm Up - Put air in my bike tires and oil the chain / gear shift
Bike 14 miles, aggressively, with a break at mile 7 to refuel at Panera
Overhead Press: 5 x 45, 65, 85, 85, 85lbs
Play with grippers, nothing of note
One Arm Snatch 5/5 x 16k, 20k; 6 x 5/5 x 24k (one set per minute, on the minute)
Block Deadlifts: 5/5 x 25lbs, 27.5lbs; exhaust hands with 30lb block

1. My bike ride was much, much easier than Friday's. I probably double the tire pressure. That plus the freshly oiled chain had 12th gear feeling like 6th. I should have tuned the bike earlier.

2. This is my best overhead pressing so far this cycle. I'm still a bit off of peak strength, but improvements exist.

3. My grip was absolutely fried from the bike ride. Not much I could do about it.

4. The snatches were timed to hit 100 reps in 10 minutes, but I gassed out after minute 6. I might have been able to will it, but the intensity required would have derailed my current training cycle. I played it smart and will build over time. I was firing the muscles in my right hip that were previously inactive.

I am very, very happy I made the time to get new curtains. It was not expensive (about $75, split with my wife). I expect recovery to improve significantly over recent months. I would have preferred if the lawn had not been sprayed, but the bike ride was a lot of fun, and the weather was excellent.