Saturday, May 24, 2008

MGC6 - 12 of 23

Today I hosted a meet up for the Chicago Grip Association. Four guys came out and it was a blast. I'll write that up later, but here is how my test day went:

Grippers - Worked up to a #1.5 no set, righty. #1 lefty
2" V-bar - 156 righty, and possibly lefty, for a 5lb PR.
Pinch Barbell - 110lbs after several attempts, for a 10lb PR
Overhead Lever - I settled for a 6lb sledge and did not go heavier
Blocks - I dragged my 35lb blob around the floor after everyone left
FBBC Bomb - I worked up to 60lbs in plates plus the loading pin

Overall I am happy with the results. My contest prep is working. I decided to skip my full body workout for the day, since I really wanted PRs on v-bar and pinch.

Further investigation indicates Lyle's Ultimate Diet V2.0 is not appropriate for me. I know, because I asked him, and he replied honestly. Additionally, my review of his message forum suggests I do not need such a severe approach to leaning out. I am around 20% body fat, not the 15% I'd guessed. Basic protocols and patience are all I really need, it seems.