Saturday, May 31, 2008

MGC6 - 15 of 23

I decided to make this one a morning session, to leave the rest of my day free. Motivation was lacking:

Deadlifts: 5 x 60k, 80k; 3 x 100k, 100k; 5 x 90k, 80k (band for form on 100k, 90k)
Overhead Press: 5 x 45lbs, 65, 85, 85, 85, 85
Split Squats: 5/5 x 12k, 16k, 16k, 16k, 20k
Pinch Barbell: 5 x Empty, 50lbs; 3 x 80, 90, 90, 90

Performance was ok, but I had no energy. As a result, I dropped my renegade rows and 2" v-bar.

Yesterday I decided I am spending too much time on the internet. I am going to relegate lifting related message boards to Sunday mornings only. I think that will be a good thing.

Wednesday I did go for a bike ride. The awesome news is a Chipotle opened within 6 miles of my house.

This week I began the transition towards my nutrition template for the next training cycle. Tuesday through Friday I only ate out once, which is a significant improvement over the past month. My is feeling much better. I think I have an unrealistic volume of food planned my traning days, however.

I did figure out that I can down 24 grams of protein in 160 calories if I mix my powder with a cup of Gatorade and a half cup of water. It goes down quick and easy, so I may work that in to my template.