Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nutrition Baseline

Today I walked around 3 miles. More importantly, I invested time planning for my next training cycle.
Leaning out will be my next focus, with an emphasis on manipulating nutritional variables to stay healthy and minimize strength losses. Dropping weight without getting sick seems to be an impossible task for me lately. Based on past experience, I am going to tweak the approach I used leading up to the fitness conference:

1. Instead of counting nutrients, I'll work off meal templates
2. Meal design will emphasize a high fiber diet
3. I'll eat extra food on my training days
3. Cardio sessions will be limited to one per week
5. I will set a nutritional baseline prior to starting the program

Since I want to start the program in 4 weeks, I need to develop the nutritional baseline now. This week I will transition towards the template below, using food I have on hand. Starting with my next grocery shopping, I'll make the full switch over, but allow for extra food and eating out as my hunger dictates. Assuming all goes well, I will move into the program strictly starting June 23rd.

Standard Daily Meals - Around 2000 calories / 100g protein per day
1. 06am - Breakfast - Whole Grain Cereal w/ Milk and Baby Carrots (500/20)
2. 10am - Snack - Balance Bar (200/15) or Fruit and Nuts (300/8)
3. 12am - Lunch - Whole Grain Pasta w/ Broccoli and Cheese (625/30)
4. 6pm  - Dinner - Canned Beans w/ Bread and Frozen veg (700/30)

Training Day Food Additions - 630 calories / 43g protein
1. Yogurt pre-workout
2. 16oz Gatorade during workout
3. Protein shake post-workout

Expected Weekly Food Cost - $91
2lbs Whole Grain Pasta ($7)
2 boxes cereal ($10)
7 cans prepared beans ($18)
2 10oz bags broccoli ($4)
2lb carrots ($5)
2 8oz bags cheese ($6)
1 gallon milk ($6)
4 yogurts ($5)
4 bags frozen vegs ($8)
1 bottle Gatorade ($3)
1/2 gallon choc soy milk ($4)
1 taco shells ($2)
1 loaf bread ($3)
4 balance bars ($7)
1 Salsa ($3)

The expense comes from buying prepared foods through Peapod.