Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another Bike Ride

I intentionally skipped yesterday's training session. My knuckles have been aching the past few days and my back was tight. I actually went into the gym and warmed up, then decided it was best to stop. I've put my finger extension bands next to the computer and am now using them several times per day. My hope is that plus the extra rest will have my training pain free on Monday.

Today I went for a 13 mile bike ride to the mall with my Dad. The pace both ways was moderate. We did get caught in a thunderstorm on the way home, which left me fairly wet. It was a fun time though. My air conditioner is broken, so I am also happy for the cooling effect of the rain. I need to call someone out to fix it this week. I hate parting with the money for an optional luxury.

I need to back off on eating out this next week. Since accepting the job offer on Thursday, I've been out to eat every single day. I just really like to do it. I did order some Nitrean protein powder from at large nutrition on Saturday. I hope it mixes as well as the EAS whey I was getting from Peapod. The price is much better. My nutritional template for the impending cut has continued to evolve:

Standard Daily Meals - Around 2050 calories / 120g protein per day
1. 06am - Breakfast - Whole Grain Cereal w/ Milk and Protein in water (620/43)
2. 10am - Snack - Baby Carrots and Fruit or Yogurt (200 / 0 or 6)
3. 12am - Lunch - Whole Grain Pasta w/ Broccoli and Cheese (625/30)
4. 6pm  - Dinner - 1/2 Can Beans w/ Bread and Frozen veg (500/23)
5. 8pm - Snack - Protein in water (120 /23)

I've discovered I can drink and stomach whey protein blended with water in a shaker cup. That brings my protein closer to the suggested gram per lb of bodyweight. I also learned a full can of beans with dinner is too much food. I think eating something sweet at the 10am snack will help with lunch time compliance. I am not sure if it is realistic to replace the 10am fruit with my 6am protein shake, but I am considering it as a way to drop calories. My first job, however, is to stop eating out for entertainment.