Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Are You a Triathlete?

Are you a triathlete? - That is the question I got at GNC. 18 months lifting low reps 3+ times a week, and now I look like an endurance athlete. Great.

At least the 20 miles I biked while shopping fits my genetics.

I went to several of the local gyms looking for a solution to staying active when I start my new job. There is a stripped down Worlds 2 blocks from the office. $65 bucks a month, no contract, dumbbells up to 150lbs, but only one power rack. The deal breaker - they don't open until 7am on Fridays. My new job starts at 8am.

The perfect gym is next door. Olympic platforms, sleds, glute ham benches, power racks, reverse hyper, kettlebells, etc. The catch - all that great equipment and you are not allowed to lift alone. Training sessions can get as cheap as $45 per hour, but that adds up! The coaches are accomplished lifters with experience teaching athletes.

I am going to speak with the guy who works mornings. Long term it makes no financial sense to train there every workout. On the other hand, a month of coached sessions followed by program tweaks every other week could be just what I need. It really comes down to the quality of coaching they can offer. My new job will pay $40 a month towards the gym, so ongoing sessions twice a month may be viable. It certainly would not hurt to learn from and be accountable to an expert coach.

In other news - I give up on buying dress clothes at Old Navy. A medium shirt billows around my waist and bursts at the seams on my back. Sure, if I was wearing a 2x, I could understand a 45-50" waist. But on a medium shirt with a 15.5" neck? Come on! No one is shaped like that.