Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lower at 5 Seasons

Today I did Romanian deadlifts, front squats, 45 degree back extensions, high step ups, and sit ups on the ab board. After lifting I spent 15 minutes stretching and doing mobility work. I found the yoga room, complete with foam rollers and stretching straps.

I have tomorrow off and will be lifting at home. Thus my first week on the new job is complete. Overall I'd say it has gone very well. My goal was to become billable by the end of the week. I broached that territory today. Next week my goal is to not only complete a significant percentage of billable work, but to also generate billable hours for others. We'll see how that goes.

The impact on my training has been interesting. I need to get up at 5:30 (an hour early) to have enough time at the gym. When the time saved with early traffic, breakfast on the go, and a fast shower is accounted for, I actually get my workout for free. My intensity is a little low, but the risk of missing sessions is minimal.

On the other hand, my food has become challenging. The pattern I fell into is:

5:45 - Yogurt
7:45 - Peanut Butter Sandwich
8:00 - Protein Shake
10:00 - Small snack (Bar / Crackers)
12:00 - Delivered Lunch from somewhere
3:00 - Grapes
5:00 - Protein shake
7:00 - Cereal, Baby Carrots

Vegetables have fallen out of the picture. I ate out every day. Between sleep deprivation and new stressors, I had zero desire to eat the lame lunch I packed. Realistically, running a caloric deficit probably would have been a bad idea this week anyway. Fortunately, it has been easy to fit the protein shakes in. I find myself valuing them, which is a great sign for long term compliance.

Next week I am going to focus on the following nutritional goals:

1. Replace my small morning snack with carrots
2. Replace my dinner of cereal with whole grain pasta and some frozen vegetables

My schedule outside of work will be lighter moving forward as well. We adopted out 3 of the 4 foster cats over the course of two evenings this week, had to meet with a contractor one morning, and my wife had to work until midnight last night. Topping it all off, I came home on Sunday exhausted from the grip contest.

Writing it all out, improving my nutrition next week should be easy...