Monday, June 9, 2008

MGC6 - 19 of 23

The broken air conditioning hit today's session pretty hard. I've averaged 6 hours of sleep each night since Wednesday. Last night, I barely slept at all. It is unfortunate to have my recovery blasted like this just as my training intensity was peaking. After 5 days without training, my back and hands are better, but definitely not at 100%. With no energy and the fatigue still present, I opted to stretch out, warm up, and stop.

I am kind of at a loss for the best way to finish the cycle. I don't see myself getting any stronger at this point. Ideally I'd rest up and compete on Sunday, ending the cycle. Unfortunately, the contest is in two weeks, not one. At a minimum I'll hit each of the scheduled sessions with stretching and a warm up. I am going to take it easy on the heavy weights, since it is probably better to rest too much than not enough.

The air conditioning did get repaired today. Assuming the actual problem has been fixed, my sleep should return to normal this evening. Hopefully that coupled with careful attention to recovery will result in a few PRs next Saturday.