Sunday, June 22, 2008

MGC6 - Cycle Review

I start my cutting cycle tomorrow, so I need to review the results of my MGC6 cycle today.

With regards to my goals:

1. Job Search - I start tomorrow. This was my top priority and it went very well.

2. Grip Contest - I missed my pinch goal, but met the others. Ok for my second priority.

3. Weight Loss - I gained 2lbs. Doing otherwise was going to interfere with my other goals.

With regards to lessons learned:

1. I have passed the point where I will improve strength while running a caloric deficit. I think trying to do so severely impacted my work capacity and resulted in the burn out during week 6 of the cycle.

2. Unilateral leg training is a vital component of a balanced strength program.

3. If I want to pinch 3 times per week, I need to alternate between wide and narrow widths

With regards to my next cycle:

1. My primary goal is to make a stellar impression at the new job

2. I will get down to 15% body fat, then evaluate a push to 10%. This is my primary training goal

3. I am going to drop weight using the nutritional template designed during this cycle

4. My only focus in the gym will be showing up 4 days a week to do my upper / lower split

5. Grip work will occur once or twice a week, at home, in the evenings

6. I need to do heavy ab work

I have high expectations for this program and expect the focused goals to serve me well.