Sunday, June 22, 2008

Michigan Grip Champs 6

This weekend I took the train to Michigan for a grip contest at Larkin's gym. My training for the last 8 weeks was targeted at this event. I earned the most points and took an uncontested last place. The events broke down like this:

1. Table No Set Grippers
Attempt 1: HG150
Attempt 2: HG200
Attempt 3: Missed the HG250
Attempt 4: Pass

I got exactly what I expected based on prior contests, matching my previous best.

2. Euro Pinch at 48mm - Rising Bar
Attempt 1: Missed 110lbs
Attempt 2: 110
Attempt 3: 115
Attempt 4: Missed 120lbs

The primary goal of my training cycle was a PR of 123lbs on the pinch. I got 120lbs a few inches off the ground, but I could not finish the lift. My pinch strength is at a peak, I strained until I was dizzy, but in the end I was not strong enough.

3. Overhead Hammer Lever
Attempt 1: 8lbs
Attempt 2: 9.25lbs PR
Attempt 3: Missed 10.5lbs
Attempt 4: Pass

I expected to miss 8lbs. Instead I hit a 1.25lb PR with 9.25lbs. This must be a result of the pinch training, as I did very little direct wrist work.

4. 2" V-bar - Rising Bar
Attempt 1: 140lbs
Attempt 2: 150lbs
Attempt 3: Missed 160lbs
Attempt 4: Pass

I hit my goal, but failed to exceed it. The 10lb jump from 150lbs was a mistake given the rising bar format. My best in training was 153lbs, so 155 might have gone. This was my first time contesting the lift, making 150 my contest PR.

5. Medley - 4 Minutes
High Platform: 30lb blob, Axe head pinch
Medium Platform: None
Low Platform: 100lb 2" dumbbell
Other: Touched handles on the easy spring

Most of the weights on this were out of my league. Getting any air under a 100lb 2" dumbbell is a PR for me. I'd never done the ax head lift or touched the handles on any of Don's springs, so those were both PRs.

I set PRs on some lifts, tied my bests on others, and am 35lbs lighter than last year. Progress has been good. I enjoyed myself immensely and will attend again next year. I was humbled and motivated by everyone involved. There is a long road to travel before I am truly competitive, but I will stay the course.